Sunday, April 30, 2017

In 1994, I attended Senator Joseph Lieberman's (D. of Conn.) second annual Video Game Report Card.  We spoke after the event, and he invited me to join him and Dr. David Walsh (Institute on Media and the Family) as key presenter in future Report Cards.  I spoke every year from 1995-2004.

Though I am no longer active as a journalist, I still write an annual video games Christmas list for Costco Connection.

I wrote nearly monthly pieces for both the Chicago Tribune.

Link to Sama de Amigo review

In September, 1997, I wrote a history of video games for American Heritage.

Link to Super Mario Nation


  1. Hi Steven, dropped by to see how you are doing and the website had gone.

  2. Hey, Dave. How is life on the Isle? Yes, my blog is simply a collection of links to articles.

    Read any good books of late?

    1. Not too bad here thanks. Just back from a holiday in Tenerife. How's things with you?
      Funny you should ask, as i had nothing new to read whilst traveling, i took Republic to re-read. Loving it second time round. Also too Dietz Legion of the Damned (i forget which book i'm up to now though, there's so many of them) on my kindle.
      How come all the blogs have been deleted off here? I used to enjoy reading the comments, especially on the Clone Rebellion blogs.

  3. I'm using the blog as a URL for showing past work during my time as a journalist.

    I liked the Legion books. They're fast and imaginative.

    1. Yes, i do enjoy the Legion books. Some great characters. Same with Scalzi and the Old Mans War books. Finished all of them now and they rank highly.
      Will you be posting any blogs or updates on your novels or upcoming releases?

    2. I LOVE Scalzi's novels. Have you read Agent to the Stars? In my book, the Old Man's War books rank up there with The Forever War and Ender's Game as the new classics of science fiction.

      I don't know where or what I will post when my next books come out. I'll probably start up a books blog.

    3. I was hoping Scalzi would go back to Perry and Sagan, but i guess he ran that story as far as it can go. But the Latter ones with Wilson are just as good. I've not read Agent To The Stars, looks interesting. As does Redshirts.
      The Forever War is utterly brilliant! Can't praise it enough.
      As for future book blogs, you KNOW you have fans, and we love reading your blogs.

    4. Thanks, Dave. That means a lot.

      BTW, I was a little disappointed with Redshirts, it took a wrong turn just after the halfway point.

    5. I read a review that said the same thing, so i have been apprehensive about buying it. That kinda seals it.
      Any news on your latest book?

    6. Starting a new series for Middle School-aged pre-teens. Fingers crossed. I gotta tell ya, except for that one major turn, and it is very major, Redshirts was the the most fun and innovative SF novel I have read in years and years. That turn, though, that was a big concern.